middleagedave – social contract the whole cake

I think what we’re seeing is society reneging on the social contract. By society, I mean that construct of rules and expectations we all live within. Society expects us to follow the rules. Do the work, be a good cog in the wheel. In return, we’re supposed to be able to live comfortably: a secure job with benefits and a pension, affordable housing and health care. And, hopefully, at the end of it all, a little time for ourselves. But society isn’t upholding its end of the bargain. Wages are stagnant, benefits have been reduced, pensions are all but gone, workers are treated as disposable assets. Buying a house is out of reach for most people. Rents are becoming unaffordable. People die every day because they can’t get the medical care they need. Profits go to line the pockets of the already wealthy, who use their wealth to buy elected officials, who then pass laws that make the rich even richer. Instead of looking for ways to make things better, we’re being told to run the rat race harder. They’ve got us fighting over crumbs while the wealthy eat the whole cake.

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